Our Professional Translators

Our principal team is comprised of more than 700 certified/accredited translators located in the United States and various regions of the world. In addition, we have complete access to a global network of more than 12,700 certified freelance professionals. Our certified translation services are executed by professional linguists, not software.  We are a people-intensive business that can only be as good as the professionals who do the work. It is work that cannot be done by machines or any technology currently available – at least not for the exacting and precise standards of financial, legal, medical, technical, and scientific documentation.

Egypt For Translation Services has the resources and capabilities to form special project teams for complex or large assignments to guarantee effectiveness and consistency. In actuality this means that a team of professional linguists is reserved exclusively for your particular project.

Our Translator Highlights (averages):

  • They are fluent in 2.3 languages in addition to their mother tongue
  • With 1.8 accreditations or certifications
  • And 5 years in the field
  • Plus 92.7% hold advanced/college equivalent degrees

Our Translators are Accredited by the World’s Leading Organizations, such as:

What’s more, we have direct access to a network of more than 12,700 accredited professional translators so we can cover virtually every specialized subject in virtually any language.

Certified Translation Services

We provide all of the following certified translation services:

We translate into and from the following languages:

Quality Assurance is what makes us Qatar’s Most Reliable Translation Services Provider. Confidentiality and Secrecy: The kinds of businesses we look after trust us and so can you.